The 7 Trans-Seasonal Coats You Need for Autumn


During this transitional season while you’re reluctantly getting ready for the day, it’s easy to think “it’s freezing now, I better wrap up in a knit and large coat." However, steadily throughout the day, as Mother Nature enforces all four seasons to occur within a space of three hours, outfit regrets ensue.

To avoid those regrets and to avoid changing your perfectly thought-out look for the day, we're opting for layered dressing. What better staple to have in your wardrobe than a trans-seasonal coat?

Here are our top 7 trans-seasonal coats you need for this autumn.



The stripe blazer is a classic in any working woman’s wardrobe. The vertical stripes are flattering on any figure as they work as an optical illusion to express a long and lean torso. This new season blazer from RUBY holds a very special place in my wardrobe. The structured blazer is made from rayon instead of wool making it lighter and more breathable for mixed weather days. If you’re a gal who loves navy, this is a must-have for you.



The gingham blazer has been in and out of trend since the nineties. However, since it’s emergence as a top trend piece to have in 2016, the gingham blazer has shown no signs of leaving the ‘always worn’ area of our wardrobe. Our favourite right now, and one that anyone would be lucky to get their hands on, is the Annie Bing Madeleine Blazer. This look can be worn with anything - whether it be a pair of jeans and a white tee or black cigarette pants and a dark-toned cashmere sweater. The gingham blazer can elevate any look. 



A new style of the trans-seasonal coat, the wrap blazer, was introduced to street style from the 2018's AW Fashion Month. A wrap blazer, having no lining at all, is practically a loose fabric that wraps stylishly around the waist and is incredibly easy to layer. A wrapped gem we love at the moment is the Viktoria&Woods Copper Resolutions Blazer. It can be worn open for a more causal look during a warm-spell or layered with your woollens on a cold day. The copper colour incorporates well into the natural colour palate of autumn. 



A denim jacket is an underrated piece that can be worn as a trans-seasonal coat. Our current favourite? The over-sized look. We love wearing a sweater of choice, layering it with a distressed or vintage denim jacket, to give it a little more edge. Right now we’re lusting over the Ksubi Oversized Jacket. Worn with wide leg black pants or another pair of jeans, you’re sure to turn heads as the temperatures drop, in this number. 



A black coat or blazer is an essential in any wardrobe. Worn with a dress, skirt, or jean, a black coat can not only make any outfit look chic - it’s warm comfortable and warm too. A black coat for trans-seasonal dressing we would buy right now if I didn’t have to pay rent, would be the Georgia Alice Memory Blazer. Collectively, the relaxed fit and double breasted silhouette, provides room to wear it with chunky knits in the winter or dress it down with a simple white tee on a warmer day. The sleeves also carry a unique feature as they flare out towards the wrist. If we were to tell anyone to invest in one particular piece for their everyday wardrobe - we would introduce them to this guy! 



An easy way to include colour in your day to day look as the weather takes a turn for the worst, is by wearing statement coloured coat. The coat will be the centre of the look, which makes it easy to dress around as we know you all have too much black you wardrobe. We’re guilty too! Luckily, those neutral colours will contrast and balance out the powerful punch these coats pack. A trans-seasonal coat that is guaranteed to be the centre of your look is the Camilla and Marc Dimmer Blazer. The Pink Blazer is a head turner, not only recognised for it’s incredible shoulder and waist structure, but also the classic gold button detailing and it’s versatility. For all of the Pink lovers out there, this one is for you! 



Like the staple black coat, a leather jacket is an essential piece to have in your wardrobe as we experience bi-polar temperatures. Although leather is warm, it can be dressed with a tee on a mild autumn’s day or with knit scarves and cashmere sweaters on a dull, freezing day. There are many different types of leather jackets on the market. Whether it’s a faux jacket, a coloured leather jacket, a textured leather jacket, or all three, they give a look a little more edgy without sacrificing sophistication. We’re lusting over this Balenciaga Jacket. This genuine leather piece is slightly cropped, so layered pieces can be viewed from underneath. This gives the wearer an opportunity to play with complementary colour palates as the layered pieces are now displayed. For someone who is looking for a coat that can be worn well into the height of winter, this jacket is the one for you. 


Written by Zoë White for RefinedBy

Tessa Stockdale