5 Style Tips for Flattering Photos


We all want to take a good photo. No one wants to get a bad angle of themselves nor do they want their carefully crafted outfit to photograph five sizes bigger. Classic and statement pieces can still be flattering when you do it right. Take these simple five hacks to ensure you're photo ready, every time.


Contrary to popular belief, adding layers to your outfit can be more flattering than wearing a single piece. Cinching you in at the waist, a cropped wrap top or bustier is the perfect way to dress up a simple shirt and jean combo. Seen this year down the runway of Isabel Marant AW17, it’s no doubt this trend will be hitting our shores just in time for fashion week. We suggest clashing colours and textures for the ultimate statement. 



This is a classic style hack, dating back well before the days of our grandmothers and their kitten heels. An all black outfit helps to create the illusion of a slim figure. During the cooler months, or any time of the year for that matter, black is a common favourite. Elect for a turtleneck and blazer paired with a sleek pair of pants. This ensures a tailored and chic look without being too nineties grunge. 



Nothing is worse than looking shorter than you are thanks to your supposedly chic ankle boots that have cut you off. Finding the perfect ankle boot depends on the height of the heel and where it finishes on the leg. A decent heel height will help contract the muscles, slimming the calf, while opting for a finish mid-ankle will help to lengthen the entire leg. 



Opting for a pair of cut-off high waisted jeans is not only super comfy (hello lunchtime bloat) but they can aid in the illusion of looking taller and slimmer. Your leg is extenuated by showing off the bottom of your ankle and by cinching you in at the smallest point on your body, high-waisted jeans make you look taller and showcase the waist.



If you've ever wondered why Olivia Palermo, Sara Donaldson, and the it-girls do it, now you know. It is the ultimate the undone-done look, showcasing a casual edge, even though it has indeed been well thought-out. Tucking your shirt in whether it be a mullet tuck, a Viennetta tuck or a smug tuck, makes nearly everyone look leaner and longer. It's as simple as that - so go tuck yourself.

What are your top style tips for looking good? Let us know in the comments below.


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