5 Tips to Purchasing the Perfect Leather Jacket

Traditionally stiff-fitted, to the latest slouched and oversized fad, whatever the trend has been, leather followed. Today you’ll often find soft-touch lamb leather or the classic tough Ox kind. The reality is, you can own this piece and wear it well, without looking like a Mongrel Mob biker. Here are five tips to do it, and do it right.

1. The Fit

It should sit nice and snuggly on your shoulders, never slouching off them. Bear in mind that although you want a snug fit, you don’t want to feel like the hulk. Ripping the shoulders out if you dare to lift your arms, is not a good look.

2. The Sleeves

With such a statement fabric you want to be sure that the jacket has no unnecessary excess fabric that could make it look daggy. The sleeves should be slim and not run past the finish of the wrist.

3. The Length

Unless you want to look like the Jack the Ripper I suggest you stay away from the trench-coat look. It should sit nicely on the hip line, not lower than the top of your butt and most definitely no higher. Cropped never works like it does on the runway.

4. The Colour

Unless you are going for an extravagant colour, stay with black. And for god’s sake do not do brown. You’re not Indiana Jones, so leave the inner treasure hunter to him.

5. The Rest

Leather jackets are a blessing for going with almost any outfit. Layering over your gym jumper during winter is a great way to keep warm when heading out for a brisk walk. Or in summer, draped over the shoulders with a floaty dress. Just make sure the fabrics don't clash. 

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Tessa Stockdale