RefinedBy's Guide to Getting a Good Sleep

We all know sleep is important - it's not rocket science.

Despite knowing this, getting a full eight-hours of shut eye each night, tends to be unlikely. With the temptations of modern day life getting in the way, it's not easy. From blue lights emitted from our screens, right down to having a hectic day, our bodies - physically and mentally, pay for it. To avoid the bad moods, stress acne, and low productivity, we're sharing how we get a good night's sleep. Bonne Nuit!


You wouldn’t run a marathon or hike a mountain without the right gear. And yet, despite spending a third of our lives sleeping, many of us continue to sleep on mattresses that are doing more damage than good.  If your mattress is developing lumps or is beginning to sink, the signs of back pain and strained joints become increasingly evident in future. Additional to this, if you find your allergies are playing up, your skin, and your hair are becoming dirty and unhealthy more frequently, it's another sign it's time to ditch your mattress. Old and badly-made mattresses are breeding grounds for dust mites and mould. Surprisingly, people never believe or even suspect that their bed could be the main perpetrator behind sneezing, watery eyes, respiratory problems, and acne. 

Thats why it's important to find a mattress that can do it all: comfortability, breathability, and durability.

Since February, we've been sleeping like we are in a five-star hotel every night thanks to Koala. Sans springs or memory-foam, Koala guarantees 10-years at least on these dreamy slabs of sleep, engineering their own foam - the Kloudcell. Kloudcell is a comfortable, breathable, open-cell foam that is refined into the ultimate comfort layer. It's tailored to give the lush feel of memory foam and latex, but with breathability and bounce to avoid the sinking feeling and heat that comes with mattresses made from these materials.

If that wasn't enough, Koala has created a Zero Disturbance technology meaning you can sleep soundly next to your partner, even if they're restless. If that hasn't convinced you, then head to to trial this gem for 120-nights, if you're not sleeping like a dream you can simply return it, no questions asked! You can get $150 NZD off your purchase by using the code: FRIENDSWITHREFINEDBY. You're welcome - sleep well!

While we have you here, check out the video below of me jumping on my Koala mattress, glass of my favourite rosé in hand, not spilling a single drop. #MicDrop


We know that the blue wavelength light from LED screens increases the release of cortisol in the brain, which makes us more alert, and inhibits the production of melatonin, which is needed to fall asleep.

Tom Cronin, of The Stillness Project, told Vogue Australia that “The World Health Organisation called stress an epidemic of the 21st century. Our minds and nervous systems aren’t coping well with the huge increase in technology and information processing that we are doing today. This high level of stimulation is deteriorating sleep quality and leading to chronic levels of insomnia.”

Scrolling through Instagram or sending those texts in bed send a message to your mind saying, 'I have to send this one e-mail out,' keeping you wired and making it a lot more difficult to catch those zzz's.

20 minutes before heading to bed, we use the Good Night app. There are five to 14-minute calming techniques which help you to mentally shut down and get ready for sleep. We then follow this with a good book (an actual book - not a kindle), and a hot water or chamomile tea. You have to allow your body to slow down, and that can't happen if you're on Instagram! 



Getting eight-hours of sleep each night isn't only good for our mental health or physical strength, it benefits our skin too. While we sleep, our cells go into overdrive helping to repair the damage our skin incurs throughout day to day life. This can be anything from pollution to sun exposure to dirt & grime. Sleeping allows our blood vessels to dilate which means an increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This helps to stimulate the removal of toxic cellular badies. Therefore, before bed, it would seem silly not to give your skin the TLC it needs.

Dermalogica's Sound Sleep Cocoon is a new transformative night gel-cream that uses tamarind seed extract for softer, more hydrated skin alongside motion-activated French Lavender Essential Oil (with Sandalwood and Patchouli), that works all night to promote deep, restful sleep. Dr Alex Bartle from Sleep Well Clinics, says “Good quality sleep will result in healthier skin. Growth hormone is produced in our sleep that repairs and rehydrates our skin leaving it looking clearer in the morning.”

Now that's something worth dreaming about.


What are you top tips to getting a good sleep?  Let me know! Until then, bonne nuit! x

Tessa Stockdale