What to Wear to Hot Yoga

For all those yogis out there, whether you’re a veteran, a beginner or a wannabe - this is one question that deserves a well thought out answer. Why may you ask? Well, let's put it like this. You're in a room, it's dimly lit and the temperature is at a sweet 38 degrees. No one likes to look like they have no idea what they're doing, but here you are standing in this hot dark room and you decided to wear cotton leggings because that's what you wear to yoga right? Well, no - not hot yoga, this is a complete different ball game. And, that people, is why this feature deserves a serious answer. So whether you're an interested yogi or not, read on. Because no one wants to an overly sweaty, hot mess. Especially if you're borderline about to faint, because cotton is seriously un-breathable. 

1. Say see you later to cotton

The hot temperature is great for flexibility as it allows your muscles to stretch deeper and further than usual whilst allow minimising risk. However, pushing your body combined with hot temperatures for anywhere between sixty to ninety minutes means you will sweat - a lot.Cotton absorbs sweat easily, meaning you’ll be stuck with an uncomfortable wet top that can cause irritation and will get cold as soon as you’re finished class. Opt for a dri-fit fabric that offers flexibility, quickly absorbs moisture and will ensure you stay comfortable throughout your practice.

2. Pants over shorts

You may think that it’s better to wear your shortest shorts to avoid overheating in the studio. However, given you'll be sweating a lot, tights will give you the grip to perform poses such as the tree and ensure you're not slipping and sliding while trying to maintain your posture. 

3. More is more

Unlike regular yoga, hot yoga requires a few more additional accessories to ensure you're comfortable during class. At Studio Red, you can hire high-quality yoga mats and towels. Yes, towels. Not the kind for drying yourself off after a shower, but a towel that provides grip, easily absorbs sweat and adds extra cushion to your postures.

4. Hydrating is key

Water breaks are essential during your practice, because trust us, you’re going to need as much fluids you can get! Not only will this allow you to get the most out of your practice, it will also prevent dehydration and headaches later on.

5. Barely There

You do not want to take anything to class that will become a nuisance. So leave any jewellery in your locker, remove ALL makeup (no one likes the panda look) and tie your hair back. This will make for a more comfortable class and will allow you focus on your practice, rather than your necklace flipping in your face or your contour running down your neck.

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Tessa Stockdale