Want Rosé-Infused Gummy Bears? Join the 14,000-Person Wait List

Who's up for a handful of rosé-infused gummy bears? You? Well, you better get in line, behind the other 14,000 people who are dying to taste these alcoholic gems. 

Since releasing their rosé-infused gummy bears in June, high-end treat vendor, Sugarfina sold out in only two hours. Not only this, but the site crashed and we're STILL waiting for them to be restocked. They're tasty, the perfect addition to your Instagram flat lay and a cute accompaniment to your glass of Taittinger Rosé. Although they do have alcohol in them, these sweet gummies will not get you drunk. Who cares though right? As long as they look cool and taste delicious. Bring on the summer rosés I say.

Browse their Yes Way Rosé Collection by Sugarfina here.

Alarice Stuart