Meet Dani Robinson

You may recognise her as the runner-up on season one The Bachelor NZ, but our good friend, Dani Robinson has come along way since the show wrapped up early this year. With a fresh new look, and that smoking hot body of hers, we caught up with the reality TV Star leading up to her first boxing fight happening in just a few weeks time. Having a large passion for all things fashion and fitness we "hit" her with a few quick questions. 

1. Does it make you anxious when you think about boxing in front of a crowd for the first time?

Hmmm, not really! That's actually the least of problems haha! I grew up performing in front of big audiences, so I feel comfortable on a 'stage'.

2. We will be chanting for you in the Dani corner. Have you prepared your walk out song? We feel like you may be a bit of an undercover RnB girl? 

I have! I don't want to give it away until the night but of course there is some rap in there. I am a freak when it comes to know the words to RnB songs... I'm sure many have witnessed this on the dance floors of Auckland!

3. Health and Fitness has been a huge part of your life over the past few months. How has this helped you get ready for your big night?

It has helped tremendously! Having a base fitness has allowed more focus to go towards technique and power that I needed the most help with! Boxing involves so much thinking, and I swear that uses more of your energy than actually throwing punches!

4. What has been the biggest challenge you have had to get over to prepared you for the fight?

Probably having to try and hurt someone! Haha, I find it such an odd sensation to punch someone with intent. It's been a challenge but I am looking at it from a competitive angle, and I don't like to lose.  

5. Since appearing on Season 1 of The Bachelor NZ. How has live changed for you? Has this been a positive or negative outcome?

Life has only gotten better really! It has changed in the sense that a lot more people know who I am, but I've stayed the same in the sense of who I am as a person. It makes me really proud of the way I came across on the show because New Zealand really saw the real Dani.  

6. Bachelor NZ season 2 is underway. What advice can you give to the next line of females applying? 

Make sure you are emotionally stable and prepared, because you just never know what relationship could form; make sure finding love is truly what you want. Also, be nice. It will make your time in the mansion so much more enjoyable if you treat the other girls with kindness and respect. You are all there for the same reason, respect that. 

This time she is coming back for the win, and letting nothing get in her way. If you want to head along and watch her go head to head in the boxing ring on Saturday November 28th, head to and show your support. 

Photographer: ByFazeel


Alarice Stuart