5 Ways to Turn Your Internship Into a Job

If you're like the many career-focused twenty-somethings out there, then you'll most likely be stampeding your way through your studies while balancing a part-time job, a social life, maintain your health and fitness while trying to nail your internship. There isn't really any other time in your life where you will so desperately try to master the art of balance. Being an intern is not easy but it is worth it. Experience carries a higher value than an A-grade in many industries and if you can prove you're a diligent and hard worker, the job will often become yours. Here are five ways to nailing that internship and turn it into full-time work.

1. Be enthusiastic

As an intern, you need to be prepared to do anything and everything. From doing the coffee run to steaming samples to sealing courier bags. You may not enjoy every task but that's not the point, you're there to learn and get experience. Plus if you take a positive attitude to each delegated task, you're more likely to get in the good books of your boss and surrounding colleagues.

2. Add a question mark

Many people end up making mistakes or spending valuable time doing the right thing because they were too scared to ask their boss a question. The thing is, you don't know everything and neither does everyone else. You role as an intern is to learn, learning is often done by questions and answers. Your boss and other colleagues will respect your courtesy and initiative to get it right by asking first.

3. For the love of God, be on time

Please - if there is anything you take away from this article, let it be this. There is nothing that screams I-appreciate-this-internship and please-hire-me, more than being prompt to your desk each morning. If you get caught in traffic or are running late for whatever reason - call or send your boss an email and let them know why and what time they can expect you in. In saying that, don't turn up at 8:30am if you're due to start at 9am. You may think you're being helpful but you'll actually throw your boss's morning out of order.

4. Be confident

This can be a hard one, especially if you're naturally not a very confident person. It's important to be confident especially in your body language. Confidence demands respect and provides weight to your word, the things you want to prove your worthiness to the company. Whether you're shy or just nervous follow these three tips below and you'll fit right into the office.

  1. Shake with a firm hand - no one wants to feel like they're shaking the hand of a fish
  2. Maintain eye contact when speaking - this is not only polite but creates an illusion that you know and are confident in what you are saying (even if you're not).
  3. Know when to speak up - but also know when you need to say nothing at all. Be prepared for your boss to ask for your opinion, so you can give a valid response. If you feel strongly about something and there is a gap to give your opinion - say it.

5. Prepare to stay late

Everyone has a life outside of work, even the ones who you may think do nothing but eat, work and sleep. When you work in a job that you love or you're wanting to work in a job that you love you need to be prepared to stay after 5pm. You are there to get the work done and more often than not, an 8am start and 5pm finish doesn't cut it. So, if the boss asks for you stay later, say yes. You'll be helping them, while helping yourself get in their good books and prove your work ethic.  Dinner with the girls or Netflix with your guy will just have to wait.

Tessa Stockdale