5 iPhone Hacks You Need to Know About

Those 'Storage Almost Full' notifications that drive you nuts every day can now be a thing of the past. Whether you caved into the low price and opted for a 16GB or you're simply snap happy and take a lot of photos, then you know the pain of dwindling storage memory. Alas, you can rejoice in these five simple tips to clear those notifications and enjoy the storage space you paid for. Farewell 'Cannot Take Photo' you will not be missed.


1. Stop saving your Instagrams automatically

Who doesn't love a good 'gram? What we all don't love, however, is the amount of 'grammed photos piling up our camera roll. Simply go into settings and switch the 'Save Original Photo' to off.

2. Optimize your photo storage
Upgraded to iOS 9? You can now snap a photo or video and store lower resolution 'optimized' versions to your phone but instead, upload the full resolution copy to your iCloud account. Simply go to Settings > Photos & camera > Optimize phone storage. Say au revoir to that 'Cannot Take Photo' notification forever but still keep those quality snaps. 

3. Clear your browser history
Not for the reason most men clear their browser history, but  for the sake of your storage. It is baffling how much memory your browser history takes up. Head to Settings > Safari > and click on Clear Cookies.

4. Only Save HDR Photos

We get it, you like yourself so much you want double the photo. No, but really if your iPhone is saving two photos for every one you take, you’re storing a normal photo and an HDR version. Cut your photo library in half by going to Settings > Photos & Camera  and click Keep Normal Photo. 

5. Delete those Tinder messages
Contrary to popular belief, it isn't the app itself that sucks up storage but the load of data in them. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage, this will allow you to see just how much storage Tinder, Snapchat and all your other favourite apps are using. So bid farewell to those creepy yet somewhat funny conversations Tinderellas, it's time to make room for more selfies, songs and Snapchats. 

Alarice Stuart