4 Reasons to Stay at The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

1. Yi Len Restaurant

There is no doubt that you will fall heavily in love with Malaysian street food during your stay in Kuala Lumpur. And at$3 a dish, it’s hard not to. However, there is no going past The Ritz Carlton’s Li Yen Restaurant, located on level 2 of the 19-floored hotel. This award-winning restaurant takes each diner on a complete Cantonese dining experience, guaranteeing you impeccable service and incredibly full-flavoured and traditional Cantonese dishes. Chefs are brought in from Cantonese regions and staff that only are Cantonese or are well experienced in Cantonese dining may work here. This showed through during our meals, as each server performed traditional serving methods, including showing us the full dish before it was served.  The acclaimed best Dim Sum in town is your lunch choice and à la carte for dinner. Narrowing down the best dishes is not an easy task, but the Peking duck with steamed sesame pancakes, Li Yen’s signature golden prawns and the Li Yen imperial jewels are do not miss. Seriously, you can see us rave on about it a bit more here.


2.  Spa Village

To escape the humidity and indulge, Spa Village Kuala Lumpur is the perfect oasis to rejuvenate and relax. All ingredients used are sourced locally, ensuring your experience is purely Malay. The Gandaputra Therapy for Gentlemen starts with an invigorating hair treatment alongside a Terra Timur Body Mask, followed by steam treatment and a full body Gandapura massage. The Rose Therapy is perfect for any woman, starting with a rose hair wrap and a rose petal body masque; a stream therapy is done followed with a rose petal massage. Both treatments finish with a luxurious milk bath, customised to your treatment ambiance. Spa Village’s therapists provide impeccable service, ensuring you are constantly comfortable and receiving the treatment you want and need. If there is one thing you can’t miss, it is the outdoor milk rose bath – enough said.

3. Health Club

This club is one everyone wants to be a part of, and if you’re a Ritz guest then lucky you – welcome to the Ritz Carlton Health Club. With two pools to choose from, you can tailor your poolside experience to how it suits you. Sauna and steam treatments, hot water spas and luxury spa facilities alongside an extremely well air-conditioned gym, this is one health club you’ll want to visit.

4. Sunday Roast

This is not the average Sunday roast your mother put together each Sunday when Grandma would come over. This is So. Much. More.  A bar length stretch of decadent cakes, hand, crafted macarons and chocolates beside a roaring chocolate fountain is simply what captivates you as soon as your enter the lobby. On your right, New Zealand mussels, bluff oysters, whole crayfish and fresh sashimi. Have a waiter make your salad of choice, or serve yourself a customised antipasto platter, or two. Moving towards the corner are your three choices of roast: salmon coulibiac, a leg of lamb or aged Black Angus beef; with all the trimmings of course. Oh and don't forget to grab a slice of on of the fifteen cheeses and accompaniments après meal. Perrier, Bollinger or a plethora of choice of tea, gives you your choice of beverage to wash it down. Oh, and there's a jazz band. Happy Sunday.

Alarice Stuart