3 Ways To Work From Bed Everyday

It's 2018, and you can work how you want to. Bid farewell to the era of day jobs and the Monday to Friday grind. You can now work where you want, on what you want and with whoever you want. In fact, you can do all of this from your bed, the couch, a café or anywhere with wifi connection. In saying that, we'd quite happily work from bed. So here is how you can do just that. 


1. Become a Freelancer

Thanks to the digital world of social media and the general internet sphere, being a freelancer become a lot easier. When you get to leave your bed at 9am, make your lunch at home and claim rent back as an expense because it’s an office, why would you not? 

Try Upwork or Freelancer to start your freelancing experience. The sites allow you to work for people on a global level which will aid you in making contacts beyond the country. This can pay off when it comes time to move overseas or if you ever find yourself expanding your services to countries around the world.

It’s vital to be able to showcase your work for potential clients, so if you haven’t got a website yet, make one. Opt for sites like Squarespace or invest in a website developer for something ultra sleek. Once you’ve got structure behind you, begin approaching clients and keep an eye out for advertised work like on seek.co.nz

Tip: Being a freelancer means you need to be strict with yourself, build a daily schedule and stick to it. Don’t treat it like a holiday - you still have client deliverables that have deadlines.


2.  Start an Online Business

Once again, we praise the digital sphere that has allowed the millennial generation to avoid working our way up that socially-appropriated ladder we call, the 9 to 5. (Who made those times up anyway? It’s more like 8am till 7pm). Online businesses tend to do a lot better than those who have physical stores as the fixed overheads costs are a lot less. You’re not covering rent, utilities, wages or transportation costs on a daily basis that can often lead to financial pressure. When you’re online your key costs lie in the development of your website, marketing and product or services. 

Easier said than done, to run an online business you need a perfect concept. Here are some tips on how to find that money-making business idea.

Find your passion

What would you be happy to devote your life to every day? A digital service? A new line of fashion basics? An app that can categorise your finances each week so you can save for that overseas trip? The reality is that you will spend the first few months, years or more, busting yourself to get it off the ground. Once it takes off, you may find yourself busy twenty-four seven.

It's always important to enjoy what you do. If you don’t, the work becomes forced which leads people to get fed up and giving up or run it into the ground. Find something you can stick with.

Find an issue that needs to be fixed

What is something you struggle with every day that you could fix with some time, money and thought? Maybe you’re sick of rummaging through the two hundred and thirty-two lipsticks you have in your top draw every morning? Create a chic yet effective makeup storage kit. Perhaps you are sick of walking into your local café every Saturday only to wait for a table for twenty-five minutes? Create an app that analyses and tells you the best times to dine around the city.

These aren’t cancer curing ideas, they are simple first-world problems that many like-minded people find a struggle. Find a way to fix it, sell it and then run it. 

3. Do it All With a Portfolio Career

A portfolio career is where instead of working a traditional full-time job, you work multiple jobs. This includes but is not limited to, part-time employment, temporary jobs, freelancing, and self-employment. This is done through various different employers, that when combined, are the equivalent of a full-time position.

There is, of course, the unnerving aspect of when your next paycheck will come, and the question: will you have enough to cover your fixed costs? One thing people tend to forget about is one of the most sought-after and expensive commodities in the world, time. When you work for yourself you can choose where you put your time and balance the different elements in your portfolio and in your life. On top of this, you have the freedom to make decisions and run with them, you're no longer bound to a senior manager or a board. These factors allow you to work better, boost your client base and in turn, increase your income. Plus you have the control work to where you want when you and how you want.

Who doesn't want that?

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Tessa Stockdale