Paid Menstrual Leave Could Soon Be a Thing

It’s true, Italy is leading the way for women around the world with their proposed menstrual leave, offering woman up to three days off a month.

If you suffer from painful periods with painful or unwelcoming side effects that hinder your day to day life then this could be your saving grace - given you’re an Italian citizen. The bill is currently with the Italian labour commission, after being submitted by four female parliament members last year. If it were to pass, it will be the first of its kind in the Western world. 

As reported by Fashion Journal, to receive the leave a doctor’s certificate stating a diagnosis of dysmenorrhea is required.

While we are in favour of our time of the month being recognised as something that can be pretty unpleasant (and painful), concerns have been raised that such a law could actually make organisations less likely to hire women.

Alarice Stuart