Meet Your Hangover Cure For The Festive Season


Welcome to the 2018 festive season, we're RefinedBy your host, and this is your five-step guide to making it out alive (a.k.a cure that nasty hangover). 

With champagne flowing and plenty of festive cocktails amidst, we sat down with Pharmacist Nawaff AlKabban from Unichem Pharmacy, to get the best tips for when it comes to recovering.

Remember, drink responsibly.

1. Hydration is key

Although Christmas cocktails and glasses of pinot are a favourite when it comes to the festive season, drinking alcohol depletes you of vital nutrients, with the list spanning the entire alphabet (nearly). Although delicious, the chances are you’re losing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, K and other nutrients. Result: sapped energy, lethargic, moody and low immune response. Not what you need ahead of your summer holidays – you didn’t accumulate all that leave for nothing right?    

We opt for the human’s necessity for survival – water or with 1Above’s Next Level Recovery drink. We first met 1Above when travelling long haul to Kuala Lumpur for fashion week in 2015, and now, this clinically researched anti-oxidant drink is proven to aid in recovery and circulation. It pumps 8 electrolytes and 6 vitamins to nurse your thumping headache leaving you ready for round two a.k.a New Year’s Eve.

2. Sleeping beauty

Naps are so underrated in general. If possible, you’ll find us napping whenever we may get a chance. Chances are if you got home at 3am, you (hopefully) won’t have a full day of responsibilities ahead of you. Opt for a nap, stretching no longer than two hours, and feel the immediate benefits. If that’s not the case, maybe you’ve learned the hard way for next time and will learn to have a quiet one or come home at 1am instead.

3. Sans caffeine 

Sad but true. While everything in your body might say a caffeine fix is a good idea, coffee actually boosts the blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels; both of which could actually make you feel worse. If your withdrawal is more than you can bear, have the smallest amount possible, but flush your system out straight away and get as much good fluids into you as possible. 

4. Eat up

Again, sad but true, fatty foods and soft drinks will not help cure your ridiculous hangover. Meet your new post-drinking friend, potassium. One of the many nutrients you lose in abundance by frequenting the bathroom on a great night out. What you might not know is the best source of vitamin B6, research has shown they can reduce a hangover by as much as 50% #winner. The same reason athletes love to smash a banana straight after strenuous exercise to recover, you need it to counteract last night’s overindulgence. 

5.  Turn it down

Intuitive really. While a small green man bangs a hammer against your skull inside your head, chances are your eyes will feel sensitive and loud noises feel like they’ll send you over the edge. Avoid screen lights as they stimulate the brain and turn down the TV. Excessive light or noise are everything but relaxing, and for your body to rest and recover, you need to be in a genuine state of relaxation. So nap, put Netflix on, but don’t blast the stereo (not that you’ll want to) or dive into your smartphone/tablet screen for hours.

Enjoy the festivities and remember to drink responsibly. 

Tessa Stockdale