This is How You Easily Add Sunscreen to Your Daily Routine


We all know the damage sun exposure can have on our skin, from freckles to wrinkles, to pigmentation and even serious cases of skin cancer. It leaves me wondering why SPF is not being incorporated more into our daily routine.

If we’re being honest, when your current routine looks like: Pre-cleanse > Cleanse > Serum & Tone > Moisturise > Eye serum, it is hard to imagine incorporating another step. However, when you think of the damage those pesky UBA and UVB rays are causing every day, it’s worthwhile.

In light of the ever-growing hole in our ozone layer, we have done our research to deliver you a simple and easy routine to incorporate sun care on daily basis.

Shower > Daily Beauty Routine > Daily Hair Routine > Banana Boat DryBalance SPF50 Spray > Choose Outfit of the Day > Coffee

I’ve found Banana’s Boat latest innovation has the necessities of any sunscreen, including water-resistance and SPF50 UVA and UVB protection. The defining factor that blows any other sunscreen out of the water is its latest technical aspect. Say goodbye to your handbag’s moisturiser supply and slip into your outfit easier than ever before. ‘DryBalance’, the latest product in the Banana Boat range has a fresh, dry formula and we're obsessed. Offering a hydrating soft matte touch, the sunscreen allows excess moisture to be absorbed thus meaning your skin has room to breathe. But the best, and most genius aspect of BananaBoat’s DryBalance is its strict NO GREASE formula. This is essential, especially if it is going to be incorporated into a daily routine. I opt for the SPF50 spray, given it only takes fifteen seconds to use, there’s no reason to leave it out.


This gem also doubles as a body moisturiser which if we are honest, most of us cannot be bothered to apply every day. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – or more like two beauty steps with one product.

No excuses! Stay protected, stay moisturised, and say goodbye to sunscreen grease forever. Regardless, if nothing I have said will convince you, let vanity win. If you’re going to the effort of a skin routine, makeup routine and hair routine, then one extra step isn’t going to be too hard to handle.

Do you incorporate SPF into your daily routine? Let me know any tips or suggestion you have right here.

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Photography by Kasey Collins
Styling by Tessa Stockdale & Paige Mortleman


Tessa Stockdale