We're Reuniting with Something Special This Chinese New Year


As I plan my trip to China, I've been pleasantly surprised about the exciting Chinese celebrations ahead. And so, in spirit of the Lunar New Year, we're using this time to refresh and get ready for the year of the dog. Chinese New Year is all about reunion: with your family, with your friends, and reconnecting with your roots. In honour of the new moon, we're reuniting with a colour that has fallen by the waist-side. BANG BANG red is back and this is how we're rocking it. 


Let us be honest when we say that Lancôme's hero product not only has our skin radiating like the new Lunar moon, it also has the firmness of our peau on another level. Meet Lancôme's Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate.

Experts say its the Bifidus extract, apparently it helps protect skin's moisture barrier, effectively locking in the good stuff. Regardless, after falling in love with it's baby sister, the Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, who saved our skin from stress acne, we expected similar results. Fourteen days in and we can vouch for plumper, stress-free skin that radiates a New Year glow.

Then there is the pure red lip that has had us, and every else who walked our path, in awe. I can honestly say I've never had so many comments or questions on a lipstick in my life. Where is it from? Oh my goodness that red is incredible on you! Where can I get that lip colour - it is the perfect red! One even went onto say that it looked better than M.A.C Cosmetics' legendary Russian Red. I agree, the L'Absolu Rouge Vintage Matte from Lancôme has officially blown any other red lipstick out of the water. We are officially obsessed. And so, for the Chinese New Year, and the entire Year of the Dog, you can find us embracing our red-side - lipstick, serum, chilli dumplings and all. 

T x


Tessa Stockdale