Our Latest Obsession: A Serum That Fixes Bad Skin Days in One Month

We all have bad skin days. Whether we are eighteen, twenty-three, thirty-four or fifty-five. As a result of the modern day world, our skin is the first line of defence, it is subjected to all sorts of environmental stressors. Although we take care of our bodies, in this millennia, it just isn't enough.


If you've followed me on Instagram, you'll know about this Lancôme gem already. Anything that fixes bad skin, while offering a dewy glow, is a winner in my book.

It isn't often that you find a product that showcases almost immediate results, especially when it comes to bad skin days. Nevertheless, Lancôme has done it. Focused on those days where your skin is at its worst, Lancôme tasked itself with a daring goal: develop a one-month course of treatment with an activated formula that soothes skin, stimulates its youthful properties and strengthens it when it is most sensitive, and so the Advanced Génifique Sensitive Concentrate was born.

Personally, for the majority of my life I have been blessed with good skin. Apart from a few breakouts and sensitivity - I have never had an issue. That was up until mid-2017, just ahead of my twenty-second birthday. I moved from Auckland to Wellington, I got a new job and I moved in with my partner for the first time. It was not until then that I felt I truly understood what it was like to have a bad skin day. No amount of high-quality product, exercise, sleep or healthy eating, could combat the severe breakouts I was experiencing. That is until I discovered Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive.

My 30-day routine consisted of applying Advanced Génifique Sensitive in the morning followed by the Rénergie Multi-Lift Fluid (another winner from Lancôme) and an everyday eye serum. In the evenings, after I had double cleansed, I applied a small drop into my chosen night cream. Not only does it smell incredible, it quickly absorbs into skin; hydrating and relieving any dryness. In combination with my daily routine, and a bi-monthly microdermabrasion, the results are beyond pleasing.


Lancôme is often ahead of the game with their continuous initiative approach to beauty and skincare related products. It's therefore no surprise that Advanced Génifique Sensitive is a product of literal technological achievement. Maintaining the properties of the award-winning Advanced Génifique serum, the additional complexes of vitamin E and ferulic acid is what blows any other youth serum out of the water. The combination of vitamin E and ferulic acid was initially deemed too 'difficult to stabilise' but also too effective to leave out. And so the activator cap was born, safety isolating the goodness until it is activated by the consumer itself, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Once activated, you have one month to soothe, balance, and repair your skin – combatting those bad skin days. The result? A youthful, glowing complexion that helps combat sensitive outbreaks and ageing factors.

You can try Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive here. Do you use it now? Would you like to know more? Leave me a comment here so we can discuss.

Tessa Stockdale