The New Fragrance You'll Want to Wear all Winter

While a hot summer day intensifies scent, winter does quite the opposite. "Scents don't evaporate as easily when the weather is dry, so your perfume won't be as noticeable," perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux says to Allure. And while winter is here and those cool temperatures are present, we're opting for a scent that will last.

Pūrotu Rose, meaning handsome rose in Maori, is the latest captivating scent released by New Zealand's luxurious home and beauty brand, Curio Noir. 

Notes of Rose Otto Absolute, Rose de Mai, bitter orange, cumin, pink pepper and teak wood gives the brand's latest perfume its distinctive smell. The strong tones of wood and rose offer Pūrotu Rose as a unisex scent, making it one that is not for the faint-hearted. In favour of our quest for a long-lasting winter scent, Pūrotu Rose will take you from first spritz in the morning till sleep at night. 

Founder, Tiffany Jeans, says that Pūrotu Rose is a meaningful fragrance to her. “It is inspired by a childhood memory at my Great Grandfather's tangi. Three distinct scents filled the air - a rich, earthy scent of the soil; smoke from the hangi cooking for lunch and the sweet scent of roses that adorned the tables. The resulting Parfum is somewhat of a paradox."

We plan on visiting the Ponsonby flagship store where you can select their own hand-blown, bespoke glass bottle and fill it with a fragrance of choice. Making her mark on the world, Jeans currently has Curio Noir stocked exclusively in New Zealand, London, Prague, New York and online at Pūrotu Rose is available in a 5ml travel size and 50ml bottle. 

Shop the scent alongside a range of Curio Noir home and beauty products online now or at 76a Ponsonby Road, Auckland. 

Tessa Stockdale