How to Maintain Perfect Legs For Summer Travel

Nothing beats travelling, especially when it takes you abroad. From discovering new cities to trying new cuisines, meeting new people; there is nothing that quite pushes you outside your norm like travel. However, when it comes to grooming, pushing outside the norm, is not something we like to do. Sure, we could forgo our fortnightly manicure or monthly facial; but when it comes to maintaining our legs, it's one thing we can't push aside.

To keep your pins in tip top shape while off on your worldwide escapades, we have the perfect four-step regime to keep you pushing the boundaries, but not in the grooming department.


Let's be frank, toned legs are forever our summer body goals. You're never going to hate getting into your denim shorts to show off your lean pins after working for them. Getting to that point is, unfortunately, the hardest part! To get you there, and fast, I've put together my favourite leg workout, to do after work, in your hotel room or a nearby park. Meaning, there are no excuses to not have toned pins on your summer getaway.  


Exfoliating is something we often forget about but is a key step before shaving. It is important to remove any dead skin cells by polishing them away. This will leave a cleaner shave and allow moisturiser and tan to sit and blend well into your skin. We have been using a Frank Coffee Scrub for years. It's the perfect polisher and has health benefits for your skin.


It's no secret that during winter, we can get a little bit lazy. With numerous pairs of jeans - it's easy to hide your legs away. Once travelling rolls around, your pins will be on display whether you're hiking the Grand Canyon, frolicking on the beaches of Cuba or lapping up the summer sun in the south of France. The tough part is finding a razor that is compact for travel but also gets the job none - not a hair left, please! We've fallen for the new Schick Hydro Disposable, a disposable razor that has a moisturising serum that hydrates your skin, while you shave. This means you can forget about the moisturising step - leaving more room in your carry-on and silky smooth legs.


Again, if you've been hiding your pins away in your jeans and tights all winter, then you will need to be bronzed and ready before jumping on the plane. You want to opt for a tan that is easy to pop on, leaving you streak-free and not staining your favourite travel pants. We opt for Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam. It doesn't stain your hands or your clothes once dry, and after one application, you won't be afraid to rock those travel bug legs.

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Thanks to Schick for making this post possible. Happy travelling! x

Tessa Stockdale