4 Things Your Hair Needs This Winter

Winter is fast approaching and this time, we are prepared. From moisturising regularly to taking our daily dose of alkalising greens and ensuring we’re rugged up warm. But, we can’t forget about our hair. Cool conditions and dreary skies can affect our coiffure more than we realise. These are the four winter necessities to take you through those freezing temperatures. Say goodbye to frizz, hello to colour and welcome a new textured look with open arms.


For those who want something different but can't find themselves with quite enough courage to commit to a permanent change, L'Oréal Colourista is your new best friend. L'Oréal has created the ease of colouring with no long-term commitment alongside the best global influencers.The Colourista range is the first brand crafted 100% through social listening. 

Three products, three technologies and three levels of commitment. Opt for a one-day spray that washout after the first shampoo. Or, if you're after something long lasting then the semi-permanent washouts in vivid or pastel are your choice. Our personal favourites are teal in semi-permanent and pastel pink in the spray. #DoItYourWay


MOROCCANOIL's dry texture spray is close to giving you the hair of your dreams. You know that dried beachy-waved look you always die for in summer? But somehow you get a matted salty mane instead? Well, lucky for us MOROCCANOIL has done their research and experimentation to bring us the 'I've just been surfing and my hair is naturally volumized and textured' look.  

This spray is your newest obsession for three reasons: 1. it works, 2. it nourishes your hair and 3. it allows you to avoid swimming in minus zero temperatures to get that beach wave look. Now meet MOROCCANOIL's Dry Shampoo for both light tones and dark tones. It's your handbag's new best friend. Why? It gets rid of that greasy look instantly (thank gosh). It's tinted to your hair tone and avoids dispersing any excess product that could leave you looking like you've entered your fifties. Plus, it can be purchased in a compact bottle, but I'd stick with the 205ml size - you'll need it. 


Let's be honest, nothing beats stepping out of the salon and waking up three days later and your hair still looking as good as ever. Auckland-based salon owner Hamilton Brooks and his young protégé, Frana Evans saw a gap in the market after wandering through a mall seeing no-frills salons with queues piling out the door. The newly established salon is changing the game with a chic approach to your usual walk-in hairdresser. Oh, and the interior? It's the kind you'll find in your dreams.

This saw them introduce The Cut, a mix between a drop-in studio and blow-dry bar, offering perfectly coiffed ‘dos and quick yet stylish cuts every day of the week, no appointment necessary. The price is affordable, especially for those in need of some TLC at no notice.

Visit them at Shop 16, Sylvia Park in Auckland. 


No matter how hard we try, winter always manages to send our frizz levels through the roof. The weather change from damp and humid to cold and very dry makes it much more difficult to control your hair. This change leads to limpness, frizz, flaky scalps and dullness. 

ghd's style heat protect spray provides an invisible barrier against heat damage on hair meaning you don't have to worry about using your ghd every day plus it keeps all that static nonsense away. That means more time for enjoying your morning coffee and less time in front of the mirror, straightener in hand.  

Tessa Stockdale