5 Ways To Fix Tired Eyes

Whether you've had a horrible night's sleep or you had one too many glasses of pinot (weekday drinking is definitely a thing), there is nothing worse than waking up with ghoulish bags sitting right under your eyes.

Here are our top tips to kick those circles to the side, and say hello to bright, healthy eyes.

1. Preparation Is Your New Best Friend

Sure, apply a primer prior your make-up application, but your under-eye preparation can even begin before that. It may be cliché but getting enough sleep at night is the best way to reduce dark circles and swollen under eyes. Getting the proper amount of rest at night will help your eyes look much brighter and more awake in the morning. Join me and A.H Beard in a six-week Sleep Challenge to get better sleep. It's one habit you want to develop. 

2. Conceal and Go

The cartilage sitting under your eyes are delicate so it's important to find a gentle concealer and a feather-light brush to apply it. It's essential to apply the concealer in a triangle shape, from the inner corner, down to the end of your nose and back up to the outer corner. Why? The concealer allows the light to reflect, brightening up and concealing those bags. My go-to concealers are Smashbox Cosmetics Colour Correcting Sticks. The simple pencil design makes them perfect to pop into your hanbag and so easy to use. This is ideal for people who don't know a lot about product but still want their make-up to work. 'Look Less Tired', yes that's the name, literally makes you look less tired. 'Don't Be Dull' helps to highlight your undereye while 'Get Less Red' helps to get rid of redness, The perfect trio? We think so.

3. Use THAT Cream

It's certainly not the most appealing thing to put on your face but hemorrhoid cream can help. The key ingredient phenylephrine, helps to constrict the blood vessels and shrinks under-eye tissue. Apply a bit to the puffy area, but please do not get it in your eyes.

4. Wanna Spoon?

Place cold metal spoons on your eyes for a few minutes to tighten up the skin before you apply makeup. Simply place two spoons in a cold glass of ice water and let them chill for three minutes. Remove the spoons and carefully apply it to the dark circle beneath the eye, pressing lightly. Keep it there until the spoon warms to the temperature of your skin. 

5. Have a Soft Touch

The skin directly under your eyes is extremely delicate.  Tugging at the skin under your eye when applying concealer can lead to red rings that turn grey when healing.  This is not something we want and  can easily be prevented. When applying concealer around the under-eye area, opt for a soft feather-light brush that is still durable enough to apply concealer to hid dark circles. 

Enjoy those bright eyes! x

Tessa Stockdale