5 Skincare Tips For Travelling

Travelling anytime soon? For those who are dying to escape the cooler months here in the Southern hemisphere, we’ve got the top tips to keep you glowing.

From maintaining hydration during long-haul flights to avoiding skin fatigue, this is how to maintain good skin care, even when you're miles high.

1. Dry Cabin Air

This is probably one of the biggest issues you can have when flying. Even if you are downing bottles of water in-flight; dry, blotchy and irritated skin can often occur due to lack of hydration. Upgrade your moisturiser to a richer cream for the flight as well as a good hydration serum. Try adding a sparingly small amount of your favourite hydration mask around the eye area to help last the distance of your flight and keep those fine lines exaggerated by dehydration away. You should try to avoid blasting the air conditioner directly on your face by turning it slightly away and on a low setting. You might think 'fresh air' will help, but turning it down will help reduce dehydration in flight.

2. Carry-On Restrictions

Due to security measures, we sadly cannot take our favourite day-to-day products on board that are above 100ml. I opt for specially made travel packs that you can use in flight. This means you don't have to give up your skin care routine up, mid-air and you don't have to compromise on quality. Opt for a travel-sized version of your everyday products or pop down to your local supermarket and grab some compact empty bottles and make your own.

3. Airline Food and Drink  

Unless you flying with world renown air carriers like my favourites Air New Zealand, Qantas and Singapore Airlines; a lot of the food offered can be heavy and unhealthy leaving an unwanted mark on your skin. Coffee, soft drinks and alcohol are a big no when it comes to hydration. When it is combined with other contributing factors, consuming these beverages can often escalate dehydration - something you evidently want to avoid.


Whether you're flying or travelling by train, bus or car, you are still at risk of sun exposure due to the size of the windows. I recommend applying sunscreen if you're positioned in a window seat. Windows on planes do not block UVA rays which are associated with wrinkling and skin ageing. UVA is a higher dosage when at 20,000 feet too. Apply a good protective moisturiser that has an SPF of 50+. You should also think about closing the window blind or curtain when you can.

5. Travel Stress  

Lack of sleep and the general stress involved with travelling can contribute to fatigued and stressed out skin. How can you tell? Dark bags under the eyes as well as dry skin and blemishes are some of the telltale signs. Keep your under eyes hydrated by using a good hydration serum. Never go past a good hydration mist too. This helps keep your thirsty skin plump with hydration. Just remember to keep under 100ml when packing your carry-on in flight.

Bon voyage! 

Tessa Stockdale