4 Reasons You Need to Try: Murad White Brillance

For anyone who anyone who knows me well, they will know that when it comes to skin care, hair care and make-up - time and effort is not my forte. It is not that I don't care but in all honesty, I am lazy. I want the best but I hardly like putting in the time for it. If you're like me - a busy twenty-something, who doesn't like spending forty minutes in front of the mirror but wants to take care of your skin, then it is time you met Murad's White Brillance range. A simple three-step regime that is anything but simple.


1. Murad is a brand that is trusted worldwide. They are known to focus on quality rather than quantity - a must for a skincare brand.

2. Murad products actually work. From reducing acne to combating ageing to getting rid of cellulite, customers' results and reviews speak the truth and good of the Murad brand.

3.  The Porcelain Flower Extract in the Luminous Shield helps to even and illuminate the skin while the light-diffusing microspheres fill in wrinkles to make them less visible.

4. All Murad products are NOT tested on animals and are cruelty-free.

Step One: Cleansing Cream

Like any cleanser, this baby helps to remove all the dirt, grime and remaining make-up at the end of the day. It is a rich cleanser, its main task is to purify and restore your skin for a luminous complexion. Not bad right? I would recommend using an oil-based make-up remover to remove make-up first, followed by Murad's White Brillance Cleansing Cream. The easy twist cap ensures you dispense the right amount of cream, meaning it won't go to waste. For morning cleansers, your skin may be left with a tight feeling but most importantly it'll feel clean and oil-free. My sister loved this cleanser so much I had to steal it back from her - twice.

Step Two: Porcelain Serum

If you don't currently have an essence in your beauty routine, then I strongly suggest you add one. By implementing this step, I have noticed my skin's hydration levels skyrocket. For someone who normally has sensitive and dry skin - this was exactly what my face was craving. The look of the sparkly essence makes it all the more exciting to apply but the best part? Its ability to target and repair the skin, hiding fine lines, wrinkles and overall add firmness to your skin.

Step Three: Luminous Shield

This ultra-lightweight UV shield is first for an everyday moisturiser. I use this every morning before applying my make-up. The shield is infused with skin illuminating Porcelain Flower Extract, providing powerful sun protection to help preserve your own rosy glow. This is essential for those living in New Zealand to avoid exposing our skin to the sun on a daily basis - no one likes a sunburnt nose. The best part about the shield is its ability to act a moisturiser and a primer in one, leaving your skin with a porcelain-smooth finish. 


T x

Tessa Stockdale