4 Reasons you Need to Try: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

For those living busy lives, we all know that washing our hair can be time-consuming and not to mention rather annoying. So it was to our delight last week when we discovered that Moroccanoil has just released a delicious new product that happens to be exactly what we need. 

Dry shampoo, but not like the others. Moroccanoil is known for its key ingredient, argan oil, which aims to nourish your hair, leaving it beautiful and healthy but without that grease factor. So not only is this dry shampoo absorbing all that unwanted moisture from your hair, it is nourishing it too. Featuring natural volumizing and deodorizing agents, as well as a UV filter, this dry shampoo provides a clean, fresh, just-left-the-salon finish. Oh, and for all you brunettes out there, the struggle of trying to use dry shampoo without looking like you've got a bad case of dandruff is no longer an issue. Moroccanoil has not a just released one-size fits all dry shampoo, they've catered to dark and light hair tones. Yes - dreams do really come true. 


1. It protects against UV damage, meaning it's kind of like a sunscreen for your hair and what is underneath it.

2. Say goodbye to a white powdery scalp, the new two tones for blondes and brunettes will leave you with clean hair sans the dandruff look.

3. Who has time to wash their hair every day? Moroccanoil is soon to introduce a travel sized Dry Shampoo so you can take spray on the run.

4. It absorbs smelly odors and infuses your hair and scalp with signature Moroccanoil fragrance.


1. Position bottle 15–20cm away from hair roots and generously spritz 5 cm sections of hair

2. Massage into scalp with fingertips to activate the formula and distribute product

3. With a brush or thin comb, gently brush hair to fully work product into strands and deliver extra volume


After application, flash-dry roots with a blow-dryer on a low setting to boost volume and set style in place. 

Tessa Stockdale