4 Reasons you Need to Try: Epiology Skincare


If you suffer from problem skin and you want a solution, but you're opposed to lathering your skin in toxic chemicals - then it's time you met New Zealand brand, Epiology Skincare. The bioactive enzymes and proteins found in Epiology anti-acne cream are essentially the same active enzymes and proteins that all mammals produce to protect themselves from potentially harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Meaning you're using natural-based products that actually work.

We are both lucky enough to not suffer from a lot of acne or problem skin. So we have to admit when it came to trying these products, we were a little intimidated. Would these products bring out the yucky things hiding in the background? Would they dry our skin out and leave it feeling tight like a lot of cleansers and acne creams do?

After trialing the product for one week, we were both surprised to find our skin responding to the three-step range. Although we didn't have a lot to work with initially, we found our skin was brighter and our complexion was a lot clearer. The first step, the Anti-Acne Foaming Pre-Wash is light and easy to use. It cleanses and leaves you feeling fresh-faced although it takes a week to a week and a half to notice the difference in your blemishes. One of the best things about the second step, the Advanced anti-Acne Cream, is that it moisturises and actively fights the build-up of oil which leads to those nasty spots. This means you can keep you skin hydrated without feeling like you adding extra oil through moisturising. Finally, the third step, the strength spot gel. This little guy is a powerful gel formula that penetrates to get rid of and prevent pimples and any scarring they may leave. If you have sensitive skin then be weary where you apply this on your skin. It does, however, work very quickly and manages to get rid of those little nasties fairly quickly.


1. Epiology Skincare is made in Waikato, New Zealand - who doesn't love a New Zealand made product?

2. The active ingredient used to combat against acne is completely natural. It's IDP and is a bio-protein complex derived from cows milk. 

3.  All Epiology Skincare products are GMO-free and they're not tested on animals!

4. All Epiology Skincare products can be found at natural health stores and good pharmacies nationwide.

Tessa Stockdale